Player Code of Conduct 2024-25 (South Simcoe Minor Hockey Association)

Player Code of Conduct 2024-25

Player Information

As a player of the South Simcoe Minor Hockey Association, I agree that I will:

1.       Play hockey because I want too, not just to please others or because others want me to.

2.       Remember that winning isn’t everything. Having fun, improving my skills, making friends and doing my best is crucial.

3.       Learn and play by the rules of hockey and in the spirit of the game, always be a good sport and team player. I won’t be a show-off and I will do my best to include all my teammates.

4.       Remember that coaches and officials are there to help me.  I will accept their decisions and show respect to my coaches, teammates, referees, parents and opponents. I will never argue with an official’s decision, rather let my captain or coach ask any necessary questions.

5.       Work hard to improve my skills, be on time, learn teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline. I will work equally hard for myself and my team – my team’s performance will benefit and so will mine.

6.       Control my temper. I understand that there is no tolerance for fighting, ‘mouthing off’, using abusive language, tantrums, breaking sticks, throwing gloves or other equipment and that these actions can spoil the activity for everybody. I acknowledge that I am representing SSMHA at all times and that any negative behaviors, swearing, violence or vandalism of any kind will not be tolerated and will be addressed with appropriate disciplinary actions.

7.       Respect my coaches/bench staff, teammates, parents, opponents and officials and acknowledge all good play and performances – those of my team and of my opponents. I will be a good sport and will cheer for all good plays, whether my team’s or my opponents’. I will learn to be a good sport in defeat, as well as, in victory.

8.       Abide by the SSMHA “24-Hour Rule” * with any concerns I may have as related to the game, my team and my bench staff.

9.       Attend and participate in every game, tournament and practice except for illness, injury, or conflicting school events. If I must miss a game or practice, my coach/trainer/manager must be notified as early as possible. Missing too many practices/games without good reason, may result in disciplinary actions, as I am letting my team down.

10.   Come on time to all games, practices and tournaments. I will arrive at the time my coach determines; follow the team’s dress code for games as specified by my coach; always be ready to give my full attention and work as hard in practices as I do in games.

11.   Be responsible for my own equipment and will ensure that it is complete, safe and in good condition. I will have my own water bottle and mouth guard. I will wear all required equipment in both practices and games.

12.   Treat all my teammates as I would like to be treated. I will not interfere with, take unfair advantage of, and not engage in any physical or emotional bullying of any player.

13.   Abide by the SSMHA Cyber Bullying policy and will not take a cell phone, tablet or camera in the dressing room. I will not convey or distribute offensive, derogatory, libelous or defamatory comments about any other member including, but not limited to, coaches, players, parents, trainers, managers and officials, by way of electronic text message, email, message boards, social media or other electronic mediums which may be viewed or received by members of the public and/or a significant number of members of the Association.

14.   Understand that playing for SSMHA is a privilege, not a right. I understand that my behaviours reflect on my teammates, coaches, and the SSMHA. I will remember that I am representing myself, my parents, my team, my community, my association and sponsors at all times, including to and from the arena. As an SSMHA representative, I will show good character at school, at home, on ice and especially "on the road". I understand that any inappropriate behavior (rink, hotel, school, home – anywhere) while playing for the team may result in disciplinary action.

For SSMHA Player Code of Conduct violators: 
I understand that this contract constitutes a PROGRESSIVE DISCIPLINARY GUIDELINES, however, should the offence/incident be determined as unsafe or warrants quick actions the progressive discipline pathway may need to be waived. These Disciplinary Guidelines are meant as a guide. Each situation will be reviewed for its severity, occurrences, and situation and if there will be required interventions this will involve the Director of Risk and other Board executives as deemed necessary by the Director of Risk/Disciplinary Committee. The Disciplinary committee reserves the right to alter any decisions and/or punishments based on the above and an investigation of the situation.  

I understand that my conduct on and off the ice has consequences. If I do not follow the above rules, I may suffer progressive disciplinary consequences that may include the following:
1. Team meeting between coaches (and/or Executive) and all players going over Player Code of Conduct.
2. A documented meeting (or discussion) between coaching staff, player and parents if a rule is broken. This meeting will outline next steps in the progressive disciplinary guideline and a plan to ensure these behaviours do not happen again. 
3. Meeting with parents, player, coach and executive with progressive disciplinary steps. Depending on the concerns, examples of disciplinary actions could include but are not limited to:
a. The player experiencing loss of ice-time during a game and/or practice
b. The player removed from practice, games, and team events
c. The player being suspended, and asked to stay away from team events for a period of time
d. The player being removed permanently from the team which would also require a player review/meeting before registration next season.