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In June of 2013 the OMHA announced a move to become a complete ‘Respect’ integrated association. In addition to Team Officials, the OMHA now requires that all On-ice Volunteers, On-ice Officials and Parents to complete the appropriate ‘Respect’ education. 

Respect in Sport is informative on-line training program for parents of active children. It is designed to reinforce the role of a parent in activities of young athletes. It is an opportunity to create greater awareness about our roles within sport for our children and remind us all of what is truly important about sport and children. This program is focused on ensuring the safety of our children, encouraging positive and effective communication and how to enhance a child's fun and camaraderie. Certification is a mandatory requirement whether your child participates in a Representative, House League or Local League program. 
At least one parent or guardian of each player registered in minor hockey in the OMHA is required to complete the Respect in Sport – Parent Program as a condition of participation. In other words, if at least one parent does not complete the course your child/children will be ineligible to play hockey until such time as the course has been successfully completed. 

It will cost $12 (+tax) for each family to complete the Respect in Sport certification.   The cost of the program directs funding towards:

  • Hockey Canada for E-learning Fund Contribution and Administration of the program (HCR integration, etc.)
  • Promotion of the program and administration of the program
  • Canadian Red Cross as Curriculum Partners 
  • PayPal/Invoicing Fees
    Respect Group for the maintenance of the program in both official languages, hosting, platform optimization, content updates (annually), 24 - 7 bilingual technical 
  • support, local user support and registrar training.


It is important to note that ALL family members are encouraged to utilize this training as they will be able to access the training using the same username and password of the person who originally registered with the program from the family. This is NOT a fee being collected by the BWGMHA, nor being directed back to the BWGMHA. 

For more information and access to complete the program, please see the below links:

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Respect in Sport - Walk Through for Parents - linking participants **NEW**

Respect in Sport – Site to Complete Program

Please Note:

When beginning the course it is important to open "Child Management" and enter all children you have registered in minor hockey. All children must be listed here in order to associate your certification with your child's Hockey Canada profile.  To aide with connecting your certification to your child's record, children's names must be entered using the same spelling as when they were registered with Hockey Canada.

The Respect in Sport–Activity Leader certification for team officials does not meet the parent requirement. The certification for the parent is tailored to the Role of the parent, providing information specific to the parental involvement, while the Activity Leader program has a different focus. The RIS - Activity Leader certification is uploaded to the individual’s profile. The RIS – Parent certification is uploaded to the players (child’s) profile. These are two different certifications.